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"There are a few things that I found surprising as a student of color studying abroad. The first was that people seemed to assume that I was African until they heard my American accent and even then I found my identity contested. I ended up in a very heated discussion with a British gentleman in Scotland when he said to me, "Oh so you're an American but where did your family come from?" I found in Dublin that the Irish identify with Afro-Americans because they feel that they too were enslaved by the British and brought to America. One Irishman said to me, "You Americans did it right. You kicked the British out of your country a full hundred years before we did." Study abroad was one the most valuable experiences I had at MSU."

Michael Griggs
Summer 2002 ATL/Arts and Humanities in the United Kingdom

Study abroad is an investment in your future. Like any other type of investment, it requires planning, careful management, creativity, perseverance and commitment. How can you pay for it? Start by planning far in advance (a year is suggested). By planning and selecting certain programs, you may find that the cost of study abroad is far less than you imagined. Check out the Web for suggestions on financing your experience atas well as checking on the many scholarship opportunities listed below.

Updated 7/31/2009


General Scholarships

AGI Minority Geosciences Student ScholarshipsOpens in new window
Majors in geology, geophysics, geochemistry, hydrology, meteorology, physical oceanography, planetary geology, or earth-science education

Air Force Crossroads Scholarships Opens in new window

American Institute of Certified Public AccountantsOpens in new window
Minority accounting students

American Physical SocietyOpens in new window
Freshmen and sophomore students majoring in physics

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
Based on the financial aid one is already receiving (Federal Pell Grant) and the location of the study abroad program

Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) Opens in new window
For study, work and volunteering abroad (5 scholarships)

NAFSA: Association of International EducatorsOpens in new window

The National Action Council for Minorities in EngineeringOpens in new window

Peace CorpsOpens in new window

Scholarships for African Americans

Black ExcelOpens in new window
One of the largest databases of scholarships and resources for African American students

African American ScholarshipsOpens in new window
Find scholarships by state, major and academic level

National Association of Black JournalistsOpens in new window
Open to African American students majoring in journalism

NAACP: Scholarship ProgramsOpens in new window

National Society of Black Engineers: ScholarshipsOpens in new window

Scholarships for African AmericansOpens in new window

Science Research Scholarship AwardsOpens in new window
For juniors who are pursuing life or physical sciences

Scholarships for Asian Americans

Asian American Journalists Association: ScholarshipsOpens in new window

The Korean American Scholarship FoundationOpens in new window

South Asian JoOpens in new window

Asian American Journalists Association: ScholarshipsOpens in new window

The Korean American Scholarship FoundationOpens in new window

South Asian Journalist AssociationOpens in new window

Scholarships for Latino/Latina Americans

The Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting ScholarshipsOpens in new window

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

Hispanic Alliance for Career EnhancementOpens in new window

Hispanic Scholarship FundOpens in new window

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Scholarships

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

National Association of Hispanic NursesOpens in new window
Based on GPA (3.0 or higher), leadership capabilities, association with the NAHN and financial need

State Farm InsuranceOpens in new window
Hispanic Scholarship Awards Program

La Unidad Latina FoundationOpens in new window

Scholarships for American Indians

American Indian Science and Engineering SocietyOpens in new window

Association of American Indian AffairsOpens in new window

The Cherokee Nation – Higher EducationOpens in new window

Friend of HubbellOpens in new window
For Navajo Nation students with a 3.0 GPA and minimum junior status

Indian Health ServiceOpens in new window

Books on scholarships for minorities

Beckham's Guide to Scholarships (for Black and Minority Students);
Barry Beckham (2005)

Latinos in College: Your Guide to Success
Mariela Dabbah (2009)

Peterson’s Scholarships, Grants & Prizes
Laura Paul (2010)

Scholarship Search Tools First Edition
Alicia M. Rugley (2009)

Kaplan Scholarships 2009 Edition: Billions of Dollars in Free Money for College
Gail Schlachter and R. David Weber (2008)

The Scholarship Book, 13th Edition: The Complete Guide to Private-Sector Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, and Loans for the Undergraduate
National Scholarship Research Service and Daniel J. Cassidy (2008)

The Minority and Women’s Complete Scholarship Book
Inc. Student Services (1998)

The 2007-2009 African American Scholarship Guide for Students & Parents: Presented by Dante Lee, CEO of Diversity City Media (African American Scholarship Guide for Students and Parents)
Dante Lee (2007)

African American Student's College Guide: Your One-Stop Resource for Choosing the Right College, Getting in, and Paying the Bill
Isaac Black (2000)

Peterson's Scholarships for Asian-American Students
Peterson’s (2003)

Directory of Financial Aids for Women 2007-2009: A List Of: Scholarships, Fellowships, Loans, Grants, Awards, and Internships Available Primarily or Exclusively For Women
Gail Ann Schlachter and R. David Weber (2003)

Financial Aid for Hispanic Americans, 2006-2008
Gail Ann Schlachter and R. David Weber (2006)