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Student Stories from South korea

Daniel Ryou - Yonsei University

A while ago, I was reading all the past testimonials about people and their experiences studying abroad and everyone would make the same cliché statement: "It was the best time of my life!" I didn't buy it... But here I am today making the same exact statement. How embarrassing.

Peter Burroughs - Technology and Culture: Communication and Games

This free-time was super important because it really put the learning in the hands of us, the students. In college, we're growing into adults, and traveling abroad really gave us a chance to practice being independent and explore the world for ourselves.

 Laura in South Korea

Laura Stouffer- Yonsei Summer School in South Korea

Studying abroad in Korea has given me so much insight into the Korean way of life, both urban and rural.
 Thomas in Akihabara, Japan

Thomas Murphy - Technology & Culture: Communication & Games

The study abroad program offered through Michigan State is phenomenal. We visited three Universities and I had the honor of presenting on a telecommunications topic to a class of Japanese college students.

 Abbey in South Korea

Abbey Smith - Yonsei University in Seoul

For me, studying abroad was no exception and has certainly been one of the best decisions of my life. For the fall semester of 2012, I grasped the opportunity to study abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. This experience not only enhanced my academic pursuits, but it enhanced me on a personal level that I can honestly say has changed me forever.

 Josh Vertalk in Asia

Josh Vertalk - Planning and Design Practice in Asia

I was very hesitant to study abroad for reasons I was unsure of. One day I was meeting with Dr. Mark Wilson and he discussed how I should study abroad in Asia for the summer; selling me on exciting points. So I caved in and decided to do it and I will never regret that decision. The requirements for this testimonial are difficult because I have too many experiences to be limited to 300-500 words.

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