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Student Stories from Rwanda

 Lindsey and her team making their rounds in Rwanda.

Lindsey Lawrence - CHM Service Learning

My favorite and most difficult time in Rwanda occurred when I visited a psychiatric hospital. It started out like any other hospital tour I've gone on, with someone telling me about the hospital, number of patients, and what was treated here.

 Scott showing his new friend the wonders of a digital camera.

Scott Cressman - CHM Service Learning

This was just another day when I employed my toy of choice in Rwanda, a point-and-shoot digital camera. While my camera did not make it back to the States alive (probably more from the dust than anything), I ended up with over 400 photos that day, many blurry and many out of focus, but all capturing the spirit of the day from a kid’s perspective. And throughout the process, it would be impossible to know that they all had HIV/AIDS if not told by someone famili

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