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Student Stories from Romania

 Juliana in Romania, the UK, France, and the Netherlands

Juliana Bada - Interior Design in Europe

I learned that despite our different upbringings, the Romanian students and the American students still had many things in common. We were able to build many friendships in an academic setting, and collaborate minds to work on an assignment.

 Lindsay in Spain, Germany, and Romania

Lindsay Westin - European Planning and Practice: Urban Redevelopment

While I was abroad I realized that if at all possible, every single student studying planning at Michigan State University should be required to study abroad before graduating.

 Nick and friends in a clock tower in Sighisoara, Romania

Nick Najor - European Planning and Practice: Urban Redevelopment

Our first stop was Barcelona, a city that pictures could never do justice. It was here that our group was approached by a Spartan alum (Class of 1966) who noticed our green and white apparel and had to say hello. That encounter was one of many incredible moments throughout the month.

 Cortney and her study abroad group with the Mayor of Cluj, Romania

Cortney Dunklin - European Planning and Practice: Urban Redevelopment

All day and night long there was sounds of people talking, beer bottles clinking to cheer with one another, the sound of bike bells, food cooking, music playing, soccer balls being kicked around, and traffic.

 Emily in Romania, Netherlands, France, and the UK

Emily Grof - Interior Design in Europe

Project after project of flawless hand drafting and rendering skills left me speechless. What was even more impressive was the fact that the projects I was looking at were actually all done by first year students.

 Catherine in Paris

Catherine Joss - Interior Design in Europe

This palace was called the People’s Palace and we had the opportunity to visit it during one of our days in Bucharest. All of us girls loved the palace and were astonished by how grand and beautiful it was.

 Keshia in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Keshia Owens - European Planning and Practice: Urban Redevelopment

Having participated in the European Planning and Practice: Urban Redevelopment Study Abroad Program has [...] given me the opportunity to abound myself in new cultural knowledge, share feelings and gain a new outlook of the world from people outside of my own culture and upbringing.

 Aileen in Europe

Aileen Everitt - Interior Design in Europe

I traveled to four European counties not knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised in each by the people’s kindness, the ease of commuting and the overall educational value of the 4 different cultures in each city.

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