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Student Stories from Panama

 Danielle in Panama

Danielle Kirkpatrick - Tropical Biodiversity and Conservation

On our last day staying at his lodge, he told us a wonderful story about how he is concerned about the deforestation that takes place in the rain forest around his lodge, and how it is destroying one of his biggest passions in life, bird watching.

 Eric in Panama

Eric Sandrock - Tropical Biodiversity and Conservation

Even in Panama, the Spartan presence was strong: an MSU alumnus owned a local restaurant that the group went to on the first night

 Chrystaline in Panama

Chrystaline Decker - Tropical Biodiversity and Conservation

I believe that every student should study abroad at least once in their life whether or not the program pertains to their major. Go live a dream. Learn. Have your eyes opened. Make friends with fellow students and with the locals. Have a wonderful experience that you will never forget.

 Drew in Panama

Drew Vandegrift - Tropical Biodiversity and Conservation

He led us on some great adventures through the wet humid tropical rainforest, up and above the canopy and even got us within inches of hummingbirds (I touched one!).

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