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Student Stories from Nicaragua

Oacia Fair - Rainforests and Reality

I knew this was a third world country prior to coming, but it didn't feel like one. People actually had long conversations and were patient, something that is becoming scarce in America's society. They are very creative and make their own clothes, cook fresh food, and use a machete for everything,

 Joesph in Nicaragua

Joseph Friess-Peters- Rainforests and Reality in Nicaragua

The things you experience in this study abroad are truly life-changing and many of the things we encountered were once in a lifetime events. As I write this though I realize that everything I have been through is too hard to put into words, no matter how cliché that may sound.

 Ashleigh in Nicaragua

Ashleigh Winkelmann - Rainforests and Reality

The explosive green foliage and huge trees, combined with the distinct calls of the tulu birds takes you out of reality.  The complete wildness of the rainforest is mesmerizing.

 Ronald in Nicaragua

Ronald Harris Jr. - Rainforests and Reality

While in Nicaragua, I was able to hike up volcanoes and caves, zip-line through trees, kayak in an old volcanoes crater of fresh water, hike in the rainforest and see creatures that inhabit these areas such as spider monkeys and camines (small alligators).

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