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Student Stories from Madagascar

James Beaubien - Paradise in Peril in Madagascar

One major highlight from the program is an amazing place known as "Lemur Island". This special place has three different species of lemurs on it. They are no kept there against their will, because there is no cage or fence.

 Jolisa in Madagascar

Jolisa Brooks - Paradise in Peril? Exploring Madagascar's Diversity Crisis

Being able to walk through the rainforest and see flora and fauna that I once viewed on the Discovery Channel was surreal. From the lemurs to the prehistoric Tstingy, my Malagasy adventures were something out of a movie.

 Karmen Jackson in Africa

Karmen Jackson - Paradise in Peril? Exploring Madagascar's Biodiversity Crisis

Madagascar is as different from the United States of America as taking a classroom course is from a study abroad program. The emotions, enthusiasm, and overall experience abroad is incomparable.

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