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Student Stories from India

Elise Louise Conklin - Beyond Bollywood - A Taste of Indian Media

. I was the youngest person on this study abroad, I'm so happy that took this risk. I've learned more here in 6 short weeks then I have in two years studying on MSU's campus. Not to say that MSU doesn't offer wonderful programs, but the immersive nature of this study abroad pushes it's students to go above and beyond what they originally thought they could accomplish.

Nathaniel Kreckman - Ethics and Development in India

I served as an intern for a nongovernmental organization (NGO) called INHERE, which was located in the northern mountainous state of Uttarakhand. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, fresh air, blue skies, rivers flowing within the valleys, lush green mountains peppered with village farms.

 Nicole in India

Nicole Rowley - Ecology of the Mountains

I’ve wanted to go to India ever since I was a small and saw the Jungle Book for the first time. I had wonderful dreams and visions of what I thought India would be like, and it proved to be even more wonderful than I could’ve imagined.

 Justine in India

Justine Markey - Applied International Development and Community Engagement in India

To be pushed in so many ways, in a foreign culture with new people, makes you strip away all of the distractions to the truth and we are able to more clearly see what it is that I care deeply about and what kinds of situations are difficult for me to handle.

 Cecilia in China

Cecilia Tang - Ecology of the Mountains

I was overjoyed when I was admitted to the trekking study program to India. I was thrilled at the idea of crossing off “climbed the highest mountain on Earth” in my bucket list. I anticipated gaining some new insights, knowledge in the lectures. I looked forward to visiting the magnificent Taj Mahol in Agra and meeting new friends.

 Elizabeth Dombrowski in India

Elizabeth Dombrowski - Study Abroad for Veterinary Students in India

The purpose of sending students to study abroad is to provide them a new perspective on their academic area of study and supplement classroom learning with hands-on experience. I believe a study abroad should offer a student exposure to another culture and insight to their own culture. My study abroad experience lived up to these ideals, but not in a way I would imagine.

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