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Student Stories from Brazil

 David in Brazil

David Mansour- Public Health in Brazil

Part of studying abroad is taking the initiative to truly experience both the academic, cultural and social components of the program in the host country.

 Holly in Brazil

Holly Harding- Masters in Public Health; practicum experience in Salvador, Brazi

To my surprise, the structure of the healthcare system and policy within Brazil was seemingly transparent; information regarding the system was eagerly presented by educators, state employees, and healthcare staff.

 Alexandra in Brazil

Alexandra Meux- Healthcare in Brazil

The cultural aspect of Salvador was one of my favorite parts of the trip. The people there are overwhelming kind and welcoming, which was nice because it made the language barrier a little less difficult.

 Jared in Brazil

Jared Elenbaas - Healthcare in Brazil: A Public Health Perspective

There are so many stories like this one that I could describe; it was such a great experience and I hope to return some day.  It was also nice that it wasn’t a touristy city and that we got to interact with locals who were pretty unfamiliar with our lives as students from the United States.

 Sarah in Brazil

Sara Ringle - Health Exposure Experience in Belém

Through this program I became much more aware of the importance of public health and as future nurse how I can be involved in the public health field.

 Johnathan with his team in Brazil

Johnathan Kao - Health Exposure Experience in Belém

I was only in Brazil for a week, but the experiences I had in the hospitals and clinics have strengthened my interest in medicine and deepened my desire to work in underserved communities where people lack access to even the most basic healthcare.

 Gerald in Brazil

Gerald Lilly - Health Exposure Experience in Belém

All in all, my study abroad program was a life changing experience which has made me even more exited to study medicine and global public health. I really enjoyed the people and their culture.

 Dominique in Brazil

Dominique Jones - Health Exposure Experience in Belém

I learned that it is more important to give than receive; the physicians I shadowed informed me of the great impact they have caring for patients in the public healthcare system.

 Péguy in Brazil

Péguy Gaboton - Healthcare in Brazil

In the end, Healthcare in Brazil has taught me that the implementation of efficient public health strategies necessitate leaders to draw upon ideals within a community context and its culture in order to delineate policies that would serve as solid foundations upon which to draw concrete health outcomes.

 Cara in Brazil

Cara Callison - Healthcare in Brazil

 I am no longer so sure of my position on the idea of free nation care. I still think it is an idea, but I also need to look at the other factors that affect the quality of care. The course will stick with me for years to come.

 Elizabeth in Brazil

Elizabeth Cholakis - Healthcare in Brazil

This experience has really helped me to gain perspective on what I want the focus of my career to be and how I can help those people that are in dire need of medical assistance.

 Geoffrey and his study abroad group

Geoffrey Adelman - MBA Program

One must be submerged in the culture of the invested markets to have the necessary skills to truly function profitably. As a result, my recent time in Argentina and Brazil will be one of the most integral educations of my MBA schooling and one of the best returns on investment of my career.

 Ryan in Brazil

Ryan de la Rambelje - MBA Program

In my previous career, I traveled to Brazil to work with the Brazilian government. The study abroad program to Rio de Janeiro allowed me the opportunity to see the vast socioeconomic range that is more representative of Brazil than the capital city of Brasilia. I also found it enlightening to speak with multinational and national companies as well as a non-profit organization to hear about the social and economic challenges that Brazil faces.

 Joe in front of Christ the Redeemer, the largest statue of Jesus Christ in the world, located in Rio de Janeiro

Joseph Sidor - MBA Program

The “classroom” environment for this program involved on-site corporate presentations by owners and other key personnel employed by the companies I visited. I thought this was great because it allowed me an up-close and personal interaction with these speakers in a room of less than 30 people. Being able to interact with these guest speakers allowed me to gain a better understanding of what the business culture and opportunities are like in these countries.

 Jeremy Bowie in South America

Jeremy Bowie - The Transformation of Modern Latin America and the Caribbean

Everything from the professors to the stay was amazing. The unique event or encounter that I faced that highlights my study abroad experience was how we went to school on days when Brazil had a World Cup game and school ended early.

 Joseph DeLeon in Brazil

Joseph DeLeon - The Transformation of Modern Latin America and the Caribbean

I was a Green and White Spartan in the land of Green and Yellow. For all the month of June that I lived in Salvador, Brazil, the colors of the Brazilian flag were everywhere. Garlands of green and yellow paper had been put up all over the city for the World Cup, suspended over nearly all the main roads and alleyways, over all the stands at markets selling fruit so ripe it nearly pulsated in front of my eyes.

 Alexandra Tear in Brazil

Alexandra Tear - MBA Program

Even as I learned about doing business in Brazil, I used some of the analytical tools I've learned through the Weekend MBA program to analyze the business we were currently visiting or to try to think of new business plans that might work in Brazil that aren't currently being implemented there.

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