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Student Stories from Austria

Garrett Busch - Global Marketplace

As I reflect on my time now, however, it is incredible to think of the real world application of my first year curriculum in the MBA program. One company visit that stands out as one I can relate back to a number of first year courses was at an Amazon fulfillment center outside of Munich, Germany.

Nicholas Zaggy - The Global Markplace

My favorite visit was in Vienna to see OPEC. Here, we had a great Q & A session with an OPEC representative about the current oil situation in the world, the economic status of OPEC nations including the turmoil in Venezuela and how competitor nations like the US and Russia could threaten the oil industry in the future. Overall, we had a very enlightening experience.

Kira Thomas - BOKU University in Vienna, Austria

The city of Vienna is rich in music, art and culture but people don’t always realize the city is also full of nature. There are so many green spaces and gardens within the city and it is surrounded by hills full of vineyards. The Donau River runs through and creates many spots to go swimming. The best part about it though is that you can drive out 30 minutes and be in the midst of the Alps.

 Kathryn in Austria

Kathryn Vetter- Music, Art, and Language in Bregenz, Austria

I not only learned about music, art, and language during class, but also outside of class. Studying abroad allowed me to be learning 24/7 without even realizing it, because I was enjoying the experiences so much.

 Sarah in Austria

Sarah Thronwall- Music, Art, and Language in Bregenz, Austria

Talking about engineering across the world really made me realize how global of a profession engineering is and how much I have in common with someone from another culture.

 Taylor in Austria

Taylor Spitzley- Music, Art, and Language in Bregenz

I had the unique opportunity to study in a place where some of the greatest artists and composers lived, and then I got to see and hear those pieces first hand. In a classroom setting I might have seen the artists’ works of art projected on a screen or heard a recording of opera music on a not so up-to-date sound system, but on this study abroad, I saw the real works of art up close, and heard and saw the operas performed by professionals.
 David in Austria

David Hanrahan - Business Studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

I was able to snowboard throughout the Alps, taste Belgian chocolate first hand, see a professional soccer game, soak in the history of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, explore what royalty looks like at Neuschwanstein Castle, and even stand in the bedroom of Anne Frank.

 Sparta Praha soccer club in Prague, Czech Republic

Michael Hinel - MBA Program

While visiting many companies throughout Central and Eastern Europe and studying their business strategies, one truly stands out as unique experience: the Sparta Praha soccer club in Prague, Czech Republic. I was skeptical about visiting a sports organization, believing that I would learn more from a Fortune 500 company. But I could not have been more wrong.

 Milly in Australia

Milly Parker - JMC Independent Internship

Considering the friendly locals, stunning scenary, and hearty traditional cuisine I will forever have a place for Austria's Tyrol in my heart.

 Alicia in Austria, Hungary, and Czech Republic

Alicia Luzkow - MBA Program

Although these depictions of events might seem random, these are the memories of my study abroad that I will remember for the rest of my life.

 Lauren in Austria, Hungary, and Czech Republic

Lauren Verbiscus - MBA Program

My classmates and I interacted with executives and officials, while exploring the global business strategies of each of the companies. I also gained exposure to a variety of customs, laws, and regulations that affected their business operations in both emerging and mature markets.

 Kari in Austria

Kari Boyd - Music, Art, and Language in Bregenz

Our class, regardless of our prior art knowledge or skill, found itself immersed both in fine art and even more importantly, in the daily life of the average Austrian.

 Jessica in Austria

Jessica Tharp - Music, Art, and Language in Bregenz

Now that I have gone I can truly say it was completely scary, wonderful, and life altering. While on the plane headed over to Europe I saw my reflection in the window. I saw a brave voyageur, a young woman ready to take on the world.

 Emily in Austria

Emily Langenberg - Music, Art, and Language in Bregenz

I had already spent nearly fifteen minutes trying my best to decipher the menu of the traditional Bavarian restaurant my family had taken me to. It was the last weekend of my study abroad experience, and we had spent the day touring the city of Munich, and visiting the Dachau concentration camp.

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