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Student Stories from Antarctica

 Charlotte in Antarctica

Charlotte Lee - Studies in Antarctic System Science

There are no words that can describe the beauty of that pristine place. Nor to describe the feeling of a geology student when for the first time she comes in contact with a multitude of elements she has spent years studying about and only dreaming of seeing.

 Rachel in Antarctica

Rachel Osborn - Studies in Antarctic System Science

Projectile-pooping penguins, low-swooping albatrosses, havoc-wreaking fuzzy chicks, and on-board shenanigans kept us laughing; the midnight sky lit by a sun just below the horizon, dolphins playing off the bow, and landscapes of icy grandeur kept us suspended in surreal awe.

 Emily in Antarctica

Emily Evers - Studies in Antarctic System Science

This year, I spent Christmas Day with 200,000 Chinstrap penguins and swimming in the below-freezing waters of Deception Island.

 Darrin in Antarctica

Darrim McCullough - Studies in Antarctic System Science

I am still in awe of the magnificence of southern Argentina and our quest to reach the Antarctic Circle.

 Miriam in Antarctica

Miriam Weiss - Studies in Antarctic System Science

The experience itself was phenomenal, observing wildlife including penguins, whales, sea birds, and seals along with the incredible ice landscapes, and snow covered mountains were definitely a highlight of the program.

 Jennifer in Antarctica

Jennifer Campbell - Studies in Antarctic System Science

More than I ever would have imagined, the program enhanced my academic pursuits. I met people from all over the globe.

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