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Medical Care Abroad

Reimbursement for medical care that occurs after returning to the United States

If you receive medical treatment for a condition that began abroad, you may be eligible for extended insurance coverage for up to 60 days after the official end of your program if you need continued care. You will, however, be required to pay up front for the cost of treatment and then seek reimbursement from HTH Worldwide.

In order to receive this benefit, follow these steps:

  1. Upon your return to the U.S., contact Ben Chamberlain to report your need for extended coverage. This benefit is not automatic and must be conferred manually.
  2. Mr. Chamberlain will notify HTH, who will return your status to "active."
  3. Schedule your medical appointments to occur within 60 days of your program's official end date.
  4. Receive treatment and pay for services. Save all receipts.
  5. To obtain reimbursement, collect or complete the following documents:
    • HTH reimbursement claim form (PDF)*
    • All receipts associated with treatment showing full payment
    • A signed statement stating that you have no other medical insurance that will cover this claim OR documentation showing that the claim was filed and denied by a primary carrier
    • Proof of initial treatment in the foreign location, such as a hospital invoice or medical report (unless the care was organized and paid for by HTH - in this case, this step may be skipped)
    • Follow mailing instructions on the claim form (do not mail the form/documents to the Office of Study Abroad)
  6. Wait for reimbursement check to arrive in approximately 4-6 weeks

Note: Reimbursement will be denied:

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