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Financial Arrangements


MSU students may apply for scholarships offered through the Office of Study Abroad. Non-MSU students are not eligible for MSU scholarships, but should check with their home universities to find out about scholarship options.

MSU students applying to any credit-bearing study abroad program are eligible for OSA scholarships. Some scholarships are based exclusively on academic performance; others are based on a combination of academic performance and financial need. Requirements are listed in the scholarship application. The deadlines to apply for these scholarships are January 15 for spring break programs; March 1 for summer, academic year, and fall semester programs; October 15 for winter break and spring semester programs; and June 8 for Freshman Seminars Abroad.

A generous endowment from the MSU Federal Credit Union, as well as additional resources provided through the Forest Akers Endowment, MSU Alumni Association, the Australia-Pacific Council, Eleanor and Charles Greenleaf Sr., Brigitte and Thomas Huff, the Georges Jules Joyaux Memorial Fund, the Kellogg Foundation, Charles and Marjorie Gliozzo, and contributors to the Overseas Study Endowment provide funding for these OSA scholarships.

You can find information about more MSU scholarship opportunities through individual colleges and external scholarship possibilities (including funding for Multicultural students) at the Office of Study Abroad Scholarships webpage.

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