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Study Abroad Risk and Security Assessment Committee (RSAC)

The Study Abroad RSAC was created in 1999 to analyze safety and security conditions of proposed and existing MSU study abroad programs in order to assess whether the risks at each of these sites are unacceptable for participants and the University. In making the determination, the group will consider:

In addition to reviewing all programs proposed or occurring in countries with U.S. Department of State Travel WarningsOpens in new window, the Risk & Security Assessment Committee will review programs in countries where no other study abroad activities presently occur in locations where health, safety, or security may be of particular concern; or in regions/cities of individual countries with significant levels of health, safety, or security concerns as identified by the U.S. Department of StateOpens in new window, the Center for Disease Control and PreventionOpens in new window or any other reputable body or individuals that expresses a valid concern about the program or location.

When conditions warrant, the RSAC may recommend that an MSU program at a particular site be suspended or altered prior to the departure, or an MSU program already underway be suspended and the participants brought back to the United States.

An appeal for a waiver of the group's decision may be made to the Provost by any faculty member, administrator or program leader.

Policy Decisions of the RSAC

Travel Warning Suspension Policies and Waiver Application Process

General Information about the RSAC

Group Membership

Group Membership

The group will consist of the following permanent members:

The Chair shall be a senior university official, appointed by the President and Provost.

Other members shall include:

At any time, but particularly when conditions at a site are serious enough to call into question the advisability of sending or maintaining MSU students at a given site, the group may also invite the following individuals to join as visitors in order to provide additional information: