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Global Learning Survey
Michigan State University is part of an on-going national project to better understand the international, global and multicultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students gain through courses and experiences. The study is coordinated nationally by The Forum on Education Abroad, a global membership association for the field of education abroad, and International Studies and Programs at MSU.

The purpose of the research study, "Lessons Learned in Assessing Global Learning," is to determine how students gain international, global and multicultural perspectives through a broad range of learning opportunities, and how these experiences impact them. Examples of this learning include:

Principal researcher: Dawn Pysarchik, Associate Dean, International Studies and Programs

Graduate Learning Experiences and Outcomes: The Landscape of Graduate Study Abroad (GLEO)
The College of Education, Office of Study Abroad, and International Studies and Programs at Michigan State University propose a Title VI International Research and Studies research study focusing on graduate study abroad (GSA) titled the "Graduate Learning Experiences and Outcomes: The Landscape of Graduate Study Abroad" (GLEO). While considerable information is available on undergraduate study abroad programs, very little research has been done on study abroad programs specifically for graduate students. Given the increasing popularity of these programs in universities across the United States and the resources needed to support them, it is important to develop a deeper understanding of the nature of these programs and the extent to which they are contributing to institutional goals of internationalization. This study represents the first systematic study of graduate-level study abroad to our knowledge and addresses a national need.

Co-Principal Investigators:
John M. Dirkx, Professor, Department of Educational Administration
Kristin Janka Millar, Associate Director, Caribbean and Latin American Studies Center
Brett Berquist, Executive Director Study Abroad

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