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Key research in the field


The Journal of Studies in Higher Education
Frontiers: The interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad
International Educator
IIE Networker Magazine
Comparative Education Review
International Journal of Intercultural Relations
Journal of Research in International Education
Intercultural education


IDP database of research on international education
Study abroad research on-line, Center for Global Education


CIC International Learning Mobility Benchmark (2013)
Final public report developed by Studymove Consultants. (PDF)*

Hoffa, W. H. & DePaul, S.D. (2010).
A history of U.S. study abroad: 1965 to present. Forum on Education Abroad

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A history of US study abroad: Beginnings to 1965. Forum on Education Abroad.

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SAGE - Ongoing research project.
Final report not yet published.

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