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Program Status Terminology

For clarification of a program's status, please review the following definitions as they apply to MSU study abroad programs:

Programs listed as... (Definition)
OPEN Programs that intend to take place and have space available.
CANCELLED Programs that intended to take place, but have insufficient enrollment numbers to operate.
NOT RUNNING Programs that do not have a faculty leader or other circumstances that prevent operation.
SUSPENDED Programs that will not operate until further notice due to security or other unforeseen circumstances.
CLOSED Programs that are no longer taking new applications.
WAITLISTED Programs that are full but are accepting applications for a waitlist - applicants will be considered in the usual process and if accepted, students on the waitlist will be contacted in the event that an accepted student withdraws.
ALTERNATE YEARS Programs that run alternate years--check the program dates as to whether the program runs odd or even-numbered years.
NOT OPEN TO APPLICATIONS Programs that are not yet accepting applications due to a variety of reasons; such as, it is too early in the application review process, final details of the program still need to be determined, it has not yet been determined if the program will run, etc.
INACTIVE Programs that are no longer offered. They may be reinstated at a future date, but at present there are no plans to offer them in the foreseeable future.