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Program Proposals and Due Dates

Program proposed for: Proposal due:
Fall Semester October 31 the year prior
Winter Break January 31 the year prior
Spring Semester January 31 the year prior
Spring Break January 31 the year prior
Summer Semester August 15 the year prior


ISA Generation Study Abroad Program Development Grant

ACCENT Education Abroad Program Development Grant

So you're interested in developing a study abroad program? Thank you! None of these international learning opportunities would exist without our dedicated program leaders. This project will require a considerable investment of your time and energy but a few hundred of your peers think it's worth it. Seeing the 'light bulb' happen for your students overseas can be a very rewarding experience.

Your time is very valuable. The planning starts 18-24 months before taking students overseas. These pages give you the larger picture for study abroad directions at MSU so that you can articulate your vision within your college's strategies as well as the university-wide discussion on education abroad. They also contain the concrete forms and procedures to move your project forward.

Please meet with your college's dean's designee as soon as you start thinking about program development. A member of the OSA Directors' Team will connect with you to guide you through the process and provide feedback from OSA as you get started. The Directors are Inge Steglitz, Elizabeth Wandschneider and Chris McKenzie

We look forward to supporting your efforts.

Program Review


Suggestions for how to assess current programs through a review process