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2015 Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners

Below are the winners of each category, along with a link to the honorable mentions, in the 2015 Study Abroad Photo Contest. Click on the thumbnail image to view a larger image (often 2-10MB).

Architecture Category
Allison Holden

"Juxtaposed Society"

a 1950s era car passes a 2000s era car in front of a mix of old, rehabilitated, and modern buildings

Havana is something of a dichotomy. Modern thought often clashes with that of the Revolution era. Many Cubans want to move the nation forward but labor, resources, and money are scarce, making improvements very difficult, if not impossible. This photo depicts contrast - a Revolution-era vehicle passing a modern one, while in the background a new building stands beside a traditional, crumbling facade under renovation.

Nature Category
Savanna Cureton

"Spectacular Sights in Iceland"

Gljufrabui Falls at one spot along a long jagged cliff; a rainbow comes off the base of the waterfall

People Category
Lindsay Hannah

"Humble Happiness"

Vietnamese woman in red slacks and striped sox roasts corn ears on a bed of coals on the ground

A Vietnamese woman who was selling roasted corn and bamboo "sticky rice" - a native dish in the northern mountainous region. She said "The Vietnamese people live an easy life. We are poor but we are happy." Knowing that the cost of my plane ticket alone was equivalent to the average annual income in areas of Vietnam changed my perspective and made me appreciate all of the opportunities I have in life.

Spartans Abroad Category
Kora Nixon

"As Far as the Eye Can See"

Young woman in Spartan jacket and MSU knit cap sits on a steep rocky slope and looks out over the top of the clouds at distant peaks

One of the most brutal yet beautiful experiences during my time in New Zealand was when I climbed Mt. Taranaki on Easter morning. We had to set out at 2 AM in order to watch the sun rise from the summit but the 5-6 hour hike up a 45 degree slope was well worth that spectacular view.

Making a Difference Category
Tia Timmermann

"We D.O. Care"

Very young girl with a huge smile listens to her own heart in a stethoscope as doctor holds the pickup end against the girl's chest

Young girl who presented to the MSU Clinic with her younger brother. No parents for first checkup. Showed interest in what I was doing and enjoyed a brief lesson in listening to the heart. She stole my heart that day.

2015 Honorable mentions can be seen here