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Articles for and by Multicultural Students

The Project for Learning Abroad, Training and Outreach (PLATO)Opens in new window, provides resources for study abroad with special support for underrepresented students. This site addresses some of the issues and challenges ethnicity may play in a study abroad experience, and links to additional information, resources, and scholarships.


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The following articles were written by Multicultural Students who have studied abroad.

The Road Taken -- From Wall Street to the Dirt Roads of Guinea
by Harris Bostic II

"Following my graduation from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, I left the quiet of this Peachtree town and headed straight toward a fruitful grove of skyscrapers in the Big Apple. The mid-80s found me in New York City, with its bullish markets and opportunities for money to be made from IPOs, LBOs and even a few “oh nos.” I was in the fast lane, in search of all the material and hierarchical trappings stuffed in the pot at the end of the financial rainbow..." read more...Opens in new window

Union Black -- On Being African-American . . . and Abroad
by Kia Hayes

"As my departure date for London approached, well-meaning friends and family bombarded me with advice. Living as a minority in any country is never easy, but I would be living as a minority times two. Not only would I be an American in England, but a black-American. The next six months would take living out of my comfort zone to another level..." read more...Opens in new window

A Few Tum and a Shot of Pepto -- Confronting Racial Prejudice Abroad
by Stephanie Im

"Have you ever been so nervous that you threw up? Day One, 9:00 a.m., the first day of my new life in Italy. I am trying so hard to pay attention, to digest everything that is being shoved in my face, but I simply can’t focus on the drone of our program director. She is telling us all of these things that must be important, but doesn’t she know? I can’t understand a damn word she’s saying to me. And shoot, everyone else seems to know what’s going on, but all I know is that my stomach is twisting itself into crazy knots. I can’t breathe. Is my body telling me that this was a mistake?" read more...Opens in new window

Voicing Concern about Discrimination Abroad: The History and Experience of Voices of Change in Working with US Students in Spain
by Christa E. Sanders, Co-Founder, Voices of Change

"When John Ware arrived in Spain back in the early nineties, he was enthusiastic and eager to explore a new language and culture. Like many American students before him, he had long envisioned living overseas. While his decision to come to Spain was a dream come true, John was little prepared for the discrimination he would later face as a Black American student abroad..." read more...Opens in new window