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Returning home

Post-program activities

Contact Lisa Reichstetter within five days of your return to schedule an appointment to reconcile your travel advance. (See Travel Authorization for details.)

To provide continuity, feedback and suggestions for future program improvements, returning program leaders are expected to submit an end-of-program report to his/her college dean's designee, department chairperson and the Executive Director of Study Abroad. See Study Abroad Faculty Program Report Guidelines. This report should be submitted within 60 days of your return to campus so that your insights, suggestions and comments can influence the planning for the following year's program.

A study abroad program leader is expected to assist his/her successor with advice regarding recruitment and planning for the next program offering.

Maintain contact with your students. Chances are that your mentoring and professorial relationship may be the most significant one during your students' careers. Assist them with their readjustment and possible reverse culture shock. Reassure them that, as difficult as it is to adapt to an entirely new culture, it can be just as challenging to come back home after being away for any period of time. It is best for students to know what they might encounter in order to prepare for this adjustment period.

Students can expect to experience some measure of reverse culture shock. Remind them that the world at home didn't stop while they were gone. Upon return home, students may find they aren't the only ones who have changed during their absence. Everyone and everything else will have changed too! Remind them to take time to readjust slowly.

Suggest some of the following ways that students can use the interests and skills that they gained abroad: