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Travel authorization

All Travel Authorizations/Vouchers are processed through the Office of Study Abroad.

After the Travel Advance Worksheet has been completed, you should schedule a meeting with Lisa Reichstetter so that she can process a Travel Authorization Form on your behalf. Please note that you must have attended an Emergency Preparedness and Response Seminar within the past two years and submitted your emergency contact information to receive a travel advance.

OSA is charged by the University with the responsibility of collecting contact information for all study abroad program leaders as part of the University's comprehensive crisis management plan. Providing such information on the Faculty Contact Information Form is a vital part of that plan. Failure to provide this information to the appropriate OSA Program Coordinator can delay overall planning and the disbursement of funds for your study abroad program.

The following information is required in order to complete the Travel Authorization Form:

  1. The actual dates of your departure and return to East Lansing. Indicate cost of flight and whether you have direct-billed your airfare. You are allowed up to three days more than the actual program dates for set-up and breakdown. These days may fall before and/or after the program and should have been included in your program budget.
  2. Your mode of travel on each leg of your journey - whether by air, train, bus, etc.
  3. Your MSU ZPID
  4. Your Program Assistant's name and email address (if applicable)
  5. Your itinerary and contact information for each location abroad (address(es), telephone number(s), fax number(s))
  6. Student group flight information if arrangements are not made through OSA. Include travel agent, airline, flight numbers, costs, and departure and arrival dates and times.

COMPLETION OF THIS FORM IS NECESSARY IN ORDER FOR YOU TO SECURE A TRAVEL ADVANCE and must be signed by authorized administrative personnel in International Studies and Programs. You must complete the Emergency Contact part of the Travel Authorization Form as this allows MSU to notify an individual who can speak on your behalf in case you are too ill or injured to express your wishes. Due to the need for multiple signatures on this form, do not wait until the last minute to arrange for completion of this form.

You may "walk" your travel authorization through and receive your travel advance seven (7) days prior to departure. When meeting with Lisa to go over you pre-departure paperwork, she will provide you with an EBS e-doc number. Take this number to the Voucher Processing Office, 360 Administration Building. They will authorize the advance and send you to the Cashier's Office, 110 Administration Building, to receive funds.

The University Travel Office will ask you to sign a MSU Travel/Petty Cash Advance Note for the amount of the advance. Within 30 days of your return, your reconciled travel voucher must be submitted to the MSU Travel Office.

Contact Lisa Reichstetter within five days of your return to schedule an appointment to reconcile your advance. Prior to your appointment, you must complete the Expense Worksheet and email it to Lisa This worksheet can be found on the Faculty and Staff page of the OSA website. You must account (with the required receipts) for the entire amount of the advance. Should there be funds unaccounted for, you will be asked to write a check for the difference to the University. If unforeseen circumstances arise while you are abroad and you encounter non-budgeted expenses, contact OSA to discuss the matter. If allowable program expenses were higher than the amount advanced, you will receive a check for the difference.

NOTE: Failure to clear a Travel Advance within 30 days of return can result in the amount of the advance being deducted from your paycheck. If this occurs, you will not be allowed to receive travel advances at any time in the future. If you anticipate that you will be turning in your travel reconciliation later than within 30 days of return, you must consult with Lisa.

Summary of required receipts

For audit purposes, the following receipts are required in order to account for money advanced to you for your personal travel, lodging and per diem, as well as program-related activities:

If OSA paid for services not received (such as meals with accommodations), seek a refund. OSA cannot reimburse you if payment is made twice.