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Emergency procedures

Responding to reports of sexual harassment (Mar. 2011)

Excerpted from the University Policy on Sexual HarassmentOpens in new window (June 2011). (As the situation allows, OSA will follow established university procedures for responding to sexual harassment complaints that occur during a study abroad program).

Members of the University community shall not engage in sexual harassment. Persons who do so are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge for employees and dismissal for students. The University also prohibits sexual harassment by third parties towards members of the University community.

The University can take corrective action only when it becomes aware of problems. Therefore, the University encourages persons who believe that they have experienced sexual harassment to come forward with their complaint and seek assistance within the University. Faculty, staff, and students who believe that they have witnessed sexual harassment are encouraged to report the alleged harassment promptly.

If a study abroad participant reports an incident of sexual harassment during the program, the first and most important step is to help the alleged victim feel safe. Such action could include, but is not limited to, an immediate change of housing or a change of roommate.

Next, the incident must be reported to the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) in writing, if possible, and if not, by telephone during regular business hours at 517-353-8920 or after hours at 517-353-3784.

In compliance with university policy, OSA will report the incident to the appropriate body as described below:

The University also prohibits sexual harassment by third parties towards members of the University Community. Although individuals who are not students or employees of the University are not subject to discipline under the University's internal processes, the University will take prompt corrective action to eliminate sexual harassment and prevent its recurrence.

If a University employee (including a student employee) believes that he or she has been sexually harassed within the scope of his or her employment activities by an individual who is not a University employee or student, the University employee should report the alleged sexual harassment to his or her supervisor, the Office of Study Abroad, or to the Director of the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives