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Submit a proposal to present at the 5th Annual Learning Abroad Conference

The Learning Abroad Conference is about MSU students' learning abroad experiences. We define "learning abroad" to include an MSU students' experiences in a study abroad program, international students' experiences at MSU, and U.S students' experiences with international students at MSU. The conference is designed to give voice to students' stories through a variety of creative media so that fellow students and MSU faculty and staff may better understand the learning abroad experience.

Watch the Featured Student Presentations or read the Conference Program on the Learning Abroad Conference homepage for examples of presentations from last year's conference.

Why would you want to participate? Here are a few great reasons why you should be involved. You can...

How do you get involved? Three simple steps.

  1. Write a proposal. Complete a proposal using the guidelines below and email your submission to Dr. Inge Steglitz at by October 9th, 2016. Proposals will be reviewed by MSU faculty, staff, and students. Applicants will be notified of a decision by October 16th.
  2. If your proposal is accepted, you will work with a conference mentor to focus and refine your draft presentation.
  3. Present! All individual presentations have 10 minutes, including group presentations.

The 2016 conference will take place on Friday, November 18th from 12 pm to 7 pm at the International Center. Please be sure to hold availability for the entirety of the conference until you've received confirmation of your proposal acceptance/presentation time.

Proposal Guidelines

Your presentation should present a story about your learning abroad experience. A learning abroad experience includes study abroad experiences, international student experiences at MSU, or U.S student experiences with MSU international students on campus.

Your audience will be diverse including other presenters, students, faculty/staff, parents, and family. They will be interested in hearing about your "experiences and what you learned," as well as "why your experiences were important to you and how your story is compelling to others."

The following seven areas need to be covered in your proposal:

  1. Contact Information. Provide the following information so that we know a little about you and can contact you (for groups, please provide this for the lead contact).
    1. Name
    2. MSU email
    3. Cell phone number
    4. Major(s)
    5. Degree
    6. Class standing
    7. Gender
    8. International student (yes/no, home country)
  2. Type of learning abroad experience. Select the one that best applies to the story you're sharing in your presentation, and complete information about the type of program/ experience.
    1. MSU student experience in a study abroad program (please share the program name, length, and location, as well as the program type, i.e., internship, community engagement, research, internship, semester-long, faculty-led, etc.)
    2. International student experience at MSU (how long have you been at MSU? Are you in a degree program or American Semester Program?)
    3. U.S. student experience with international students at MSU (describe the context of your experience, e.g., orientation volunteer, resident assistant, etc.)
  3. Title of your presentation. Provide a title for your presentation that captures the main idea.
  4. Theme of your presentation. Include all themes that apply to your presentation
    1. Interactions at MSU with people who are culturally different than you
    2. Interactions abroad with people who are culturally different than you
    3. Personal growth
    4. Professional growth
    5. Development of greater cultural awareness
    6. Other (please describe)
  5. The point of your presentation. In about 70 words, describe the main point or idea you want to express with your story and what makes your story worth telling.
  6. The Story. In 250 words or less, describe the beginning, middle, and end of your story. Be clear about how this story relates to the main point of your presentation.
  7. Engaging your audience. In 100 words or less, describe how you will make your story interesting to your audience. For example, describe how you might use vivid details, pictures, evidence, strong feelings, humor, drama, and so on, to convey your point in an engaging manner.

Thank you for choosing to share your learning abroad experience. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Inge Steglitz, Acting Director, Office of Study Abroad at, or 517-432-2685.