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MSU International Academic Internships

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Business Internships in Stuttgart, Germany

All MSU-sponsored international academic internships offer credit and usually provide no salary. Academic arrangements must be made through your MSU college. Check the program web site for the name and contact information of your college’s international internship coordinator. He or she can assist you with the specifics of developing an international academic internship. If your college is not a sponsor of the program, contact the OSA coordinator listed on the program Web site.  

For a complete list of internship opportunities through OSA, please consult the Chart of MSU International Academic Internships (PDF)*Opens in new window.

You can use our Program Search and choose "Internship" in the "Subject Offered" field. You can also conduct an “advanced search” from this page and choose “Internship” as one of the “Experiences”.

The Global Opportunities Fair is held every fall and showcases internships offered by MSU and outside agencies.

These sites may serve as resources as you seek to identify an internship that fits your needs and interests.

*Adobe Acrobat Reader Opens in new window is required to read PDF documents.