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Brett Berquist

"Through the 2008 Task Force recommendations, MSU took a deliberate and proactive approach to improve its successful study abroad program. Expanding program models that embrace more experiential learning and community engagement have brought alignment with university strategies. Cost/benefit analyses for programs, increased focus on financial support for students, encouragement of conducting research abroad, and the adoption of the Forum Standards for Good Practice are all meaningful ways in which MSU is answering the demand to help prepare our students to be successful global citizens."

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Brett Berquist

Highlights of the Office

Quality, accessibility, and diversity are adopted as guiding principles
Increased focus on community engagement
Undergraduate research and internships abroad expand
Leadership around graduate study abroad emerges
Re-entry programming enhanced via the Learning Abroad Conference
A research and scholarship agenda is enhanced and supported
Research council is established
OSA engages with President Simon's Bolder by Design initiative
Young professionals program is created
Benchmarking studies with the CIC begin