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You've been accepted, so now what...

FSA faculty and staff accept students into programs on a rolling basis. If you apply to a program that is full, our staff will call to consult with you about your options. If the program is open, your application is approved once complete.

To Do List for Recently Accepted Students

Once we accept your application, you will receive an email to your MSU account. This email will detail certain next steps for you take. In general, you will need to do the following:

Second Tier Steps for Accepted Students

Once you accepted and confirmed, you can start to consider other items, such as financial aid and scholarships:

Things to Consider in the Summer

The spring is a busy time for program planning, so you might not hear a lot from MSU about your specific program until June. Starting in the summer, you should be aware of the following:

Make sure you check your MSU email regularly!