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The Office of Study Abroad (OSA) Young Professionals Internship Program

Michigan State University is one of the major players in the national study abroad success story. With more than 275 programs in over 60 countries and on all continents (including Antarctica), MSU has led the nation in study abroad participation among public universities in the United States for six years in a row. MSU's long-standing commitment to international education provides the foundation for its distinct study abroad program that includes a large catalog of discipline-specific as well as multi- and interdisciplinary options; an increasing number of internships; community engagement opportunities; and programs offering student research projects. In addition, our focus on high quality programs, expected learning outcomes, engagement in institutional research initiatives, and unusually high involvement by faculty across the spectrum of academic disciplines, makes study abroad at MSU a national leader.

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About OSA

We are dedicated to providing all MSU students with high quality international academic opportunities that allow them to develop knowledge and skills needed to become productive and successful members of the global community. In partnership with MSU colleges, departments, support units, faculty, and staff, we seek to increase awareness of education abroad opportunities, to promote intercultural learning, and to advocate for diversity in participants and programs.

Internship Opportunities

The OSA Internship Program provides structured opportunities for MSU undergraduate and graduate students (as well as non-MSU graduate students) to learn the field of study abroad hands-on from a cadre of dedicated professionals, many of whom serve as national leaders in their area of expertise. OSA internships provide exposure to all functions of a high-performing study abroad office while allowing interns to focus on one of (currently) three areas: risk management, communications, and research & scholarship. Internships typically are one semester in length (fall, spring, or summer), though in individual cases arrangements can be made for opportunities spanning more than one semester. Proposals submitted by graduate students for full-time internships will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

A professional internship can be a win-win arrangement for the intern and the sponsoring office. They add value to students' education, expose them to the realities, practices and ethos of a profession, and can make them more competitive in the labor market. According to Dr. Philip Gardner, Director of MSU's Collegiate Employment Research Institute, "internships are the new entry-level jobs. Today's employers expect a lot more now from first-time hires than they used to." The sponsoring office, in turn, benefits from sharing its expertise with young professionals and by adding their enthusiasm and fresh perspective to its team.

What OSA Expects of Interns

What Interns Can Expect of OSA